an Artificial Workforce

We Create Artificial Employees.

Imagine software that learns your business, gets smarter over time and gets work done. Just like great employees.


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AI Chat is only as good as the prompt, context and available automations.

Artificial Compute provides set of features that enables you to leverage cutting-edge AI technology to its fullest potential. Seamlessly enhance your productivity with the power of AI.

Meet Your Artificial Workforce

cesar ae

Cesar Ae

An Artificial Employee engineered to streamline your everyday office admin tasks, making your operations seamless and efficient.

sandra ae

Sandra Ae

Designed and trained on modern marketing best practices and automation for marketing operations.

david ae

David Ae

Trained to be your expert in all things web. Including website and web app development.

jess ae

Jess Ae

Engineered to streamline your sales operations, making your sales process seamless and efficient.

robot 10

Create Your Own

Coming Soon! Create your own Artificial Employee (AE) to suit your unique business needs.

robot 24

More on the way...

We're just getting started. More Artificial Employees (AEs) are on the way.

Enhance Your Operations


Create Contextual Projects—where precision meets productivity, transforming AI chats into unparalleled outcomes.


Craft, Fine-tune, and Leverage Your Prime Prompts. Plus, tap into an extensive library of ready-to-use, pre-designed prompts.


Empower your team to dissect and distill documents, tailor-fitted to your business. Understand sales and marketing metrics better and faster.

Leverage AI for Your Business

AI with Business Context

Our AI understands your business context, providing relevant insights and recommendations.

AI Training

Train your AI to align with your business needs, enhancing its efficiency and effectiveness.

Smart Media Gallery

Coming Soon. Organize and access your media files easily with our AI-driven media gallery.

Customize and Collaborate - Coming Soon

Custom Skills

Customize your AI's skills to suit your unique business requirements.

Team Collaboration

Facilitate effective communication and collaboration within your team with our AI-powered tools.

Performance Tracking

Monitor your business performance with real-time analytics and actionable insights.

Integrate and Innovate - Coming Soon

Zapier Integration

Automate your workflows by integrating with Zapier, connecting your various business apps.

Go High Level Integration

Enhance your marketing, sales, and service efforts by integrating with Go High Level, a leading CRM platform.

I use this tool for my social media content because I know that using it makes Sandra (an artificial employee) smarter about my business.

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Tiffany W.

Plumbing Business Owner

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